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Spy Bot Use

Spy Bot sends video from the camera of one i-device to the screen of another.

While streaming, you can record audio and video, allowing you to save what could turn out to be important evidence… or an adorable video of your kids playing house. Whatever your intentions and actual use of the app, it’s a fantastic experience and can provide hours of fun with friends and family.

Use the app to spy on friends (or enemies), or monitor possessions, such as jewels, comic book collections or your baby!


Get Connected

Let’s start with the basics.

1. Launch Spy Bot on two apple devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch)
2. Tap “Connect” button on both devices
3. Choose device you wish to connect with from pop-up
Note: Depending on which apple devices and iOS you are using, this may take up to 1 minute the first time you connect per session. See troubleshooting if you are still not able to connect
4. Tap either “I want to stream video” or “I want to receive video”
Note: The streaming device must have a camera
5. From either device, tap “start streaming”.

Congratulations, you’re streaming! Now place your streaming device (camera) somewhere inconspicuous and retreat to a safe area to enjoy the show. Depending on your environment, battery power and device model, you will get varying connection strength. Normally you can move between 20 to 50 feet from the streaming device and still get decent signal. Remember, it’s bluetooth, so it won’t go through concrete walls or submarine hulls.     More >>