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Kaspersky Lab has developed Kaspersky Antidrone Portable

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Kaspersky Antidrone Portable

Researchers at Kaspersky Lab have created Kaspersky Antidrone Portable, a device that detects mobile radio frequencies to spot drones. The device is designed for use at mass events, protecting private property, and transport infrastructure. The main target audience is government organizations and businesses that require timely and accurate detection of drones in a specific location and within a specified timeframe.

“Back in 2019, we introduced the Kaspersky Antidrone software and hardware complex to the market. Its main purpose is to protect critical infrastructure, industrial facilities, as well as transport infrastructure and mass events from illegal drone use. Today, the new Kaspersky Antidrone Portable hardware sensor has been released, and this is yet another confirmation that we have long ceased to be just an antivirus company,” said Eugene Kaspersky, CEO of Kaspersky Lab.

The Kaspersky Antidrone Portable detector is a hardware device for detecting commercial drones by radio signal. The solution can determine the precise location of the most common drone models within a radius of up to one kilometer, as well as the position of the operator controlling it. The detector comes with a waterproof tablet based on Kaspersky Antidrone software, which receives notifications about detected drones through a graphical interface.

Kaspersky Antidrone Portable is more compact and mobile compared to standard radio frequency detectors. It weighs less than 5 kg and fits in a case the size of a carry-on suitcase. The device can operate autonomously for up to two hours, and the operator can independently expand the search radius while freely moving around the perimeter of the protected area.

Kaspersky Antidrone Portable can be used as a standalone installation or integrated into larger systems, including stationary ones. For example, the detector can work in conjunction with other types of detectors in the Kaspersky Antidrone lineup, including optical and radar systems. The solution can also be used in combination with a mobile drone jammer.

“Drone technologies are developing, and the risks associated with their use are increasing. Detecting drones is one of the most challenging tasks for any automated drone protection system. The smaller the drone, the harder it is to detect. A large drone (e.g. 438x451x301 mm) can be noticed by a person even without special devices. However, if a small drone (around 160x290x55 mm) moves in a crowd of people, dense urban infrastructure, or under complex weather conditions, it is almost impossible to detect it without a special device,” comments Vladimir Turov, head of Kaspersky Antidrone. “We constantly test existing hardware modules for integration into the Kaspersky Antidrone ecosystem. Based on this experience, we decided to create our own range of hardware devices. The first one was the Kaspersky Antidrone Portable for drone detection.”

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