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Why is it necessary to have a VPN kill switch

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A VPN kill switch is an emergency internet connection break feature integrated into a VPN application. In the event of an unexpected termination of your VPN connection, which may affect your security and anonymity, the VPN kill switch auto-magically disconnects you from the web. VPN kill switch makes sure that your online activities will be immediately suspended in the event of an encrypted connectivity malfunction. This will protect your IP address from detection. Your Internet connection is going to be renewed from the moment the VPN software creates a brand new safe VPN tunnel.

The key purpose of the VPN kill switch

Usually, there are lots of explanations why an individual or groups decide on using a VPN – a virtual private network. Besides a great deal of technological benefits of doing things inside a secure network, certainly one of the important aspects remains anonymity and security.

Although any free proxy server or regular VPN provides anonymity whenever doing something online, it is vitally necessary to keep in mind that not every VPN is made equal. There is certainly an enormous difference between individual proxy servers, free VPN servers and professional VPN companies that have the ability to use the best protocols and security features, and also provide their customers with guarantees that their connectivity is going to be protected, safe, and steady.

Nowadays, many people, companies and even governments are ready to violate the laws of their country, just to get your data. Attackers have developed a variety of ways to access the information they need. They use all possible methods from spyware and cookies to ransomware viruses and Trojans, as well as targeted attacks using custom software tools and super-secret methods.

When an attack is directed at your own device, you can take some individual precautions to protect yourself, but when hackers do not attack you, but your VPN connection, it is very important that your VPN provides all possible measures to protect you as a client of their network.

VPN kill switch

Do you remember the old saying: “You don’t miss the cow until the barn is empty.” This expression is true both for developing good system software and for any other business. Most systems created with ordinary basic knowledge will work stably until hackers attack them and attempt to steal data. Only reputable software from reliable companies provides several levels of protection and does everything to safeguard your digital identity and data at any place regardless of the time of the attack.

The time has come when any good VPN provider should offer its customers the VPN kill switch as the first line of defense. VPN kill switch should disconnect the user from the Internet, if something goes wrong with the VPN connection, this action will protect any data in transfer and the IP address of the VPN client from intruders.

Disadvantages of using VPN Kill Switch

There is only one disadvantage of using VPNs with the kill switch, especially passive ones. If the kill switch performs its function when you download large data packets, such as video files or audio recordings, the download will stop, and you need to restart the download process again.

Yes, this is not a big problem these days, but it was a big problem several years ago when VPNs were very slow and it took a very long time to download large files. With professional VPN providers that provide security guarantees along with the high-speed Internet, you can connect to the Internet via VPN almost as comfortably and fast as through any direct Internet connection.

In case the files you are currently attempting to download are available to you while you are not utilizing a VPN (and there are no geo restrictions or other blocks), stop the download and start it after you shut off the VPN, otherwise, it will be typically preferable to make use of a slower but more reliable server than those that are closer, but have many more users and, therefore, are unstable. If at first, you don’t succeed, try again. In the event you don’t achieve success, make an effort once again. Let’s agree that on a planet where the IP address is usually much more valuable than your email address, it’s easier to wait several seconds or minutes for a safe connection than to put yourself at risk for spyware or other malicious software.

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