Go from iPhone to Spy Phone!

Spy Bot is the surveillance app that turns your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch into an instant spy phone / bluetooth spy camera! Use your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch’s camera to stream live video and audio to connected devices up to 50 feet away! Perfect for situations where you can’t be in the room, but need to know what’s going on.

Download Spy Bot
Available @ the App Store

Spy Bot, the only Bluetooth Surveillance App for iOS

Stream Video

Spy Bot links two i-devices together to create an instant surveillance camera setup. Set up in an inconspicuous spot and watch from up to 50 feet away.

Record Discreetly

You can discreetly control recording and streaming from up to 50 ft away. Recorded videos save to the streaming devices ‘My Videos’ tab.


Using Bluetooth to connect the devices makes Spy Bot extremely versatile. Set up the surveillance app anywhere – no wifi or carrier signal needed.

Upload & Share

What fun is secretly recording video if no one sees it? Upload captured videos and compete for dope prizes! Be sure to keep it classy, though.

Protect Yourself

If your hidden camera is about to be discovered, use the “Kill” button to exit the program on both devices to the main screen, protecting your identity.


How does Spy Bot work?

Simply put, Spy Bot works as a surveillance app for your iPhone, iPad and / or iPod Touch. You use devices you already own to create an instant bluetooth spy camera. One device acts as the camera, and the other receives the video / audio.

For instance, you could connect your iPhone to your friend’s iPad. Then set your iPhone down in an inconspicuous spot such as a desktop or somewhere it can blend in with the surroundings. From the next room, you could watch everything the iPhone’s camera sees from your friend’s iPad screen and control recording.

If someone notices the iPhone, press the kill button to exit the app. If they pick it up to investigate, all they will see is the home screen. You quickly enter saying, “I thought I left that in here! Thanks for finding it.”


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