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Recording can be initiated from either device by pressing the record button in the middle of the bottom bar. Keep in mind that the video will be saved on the device acting as the camera, and can be later viewed in the “My Videos” tab of that device. The red record button will flash while the device is actively recording. All recorded video will have audio, even if you have audio streaming turned off.

Kill Button

The kill button function allows you to immediately exit Spy Bot on both devices. This is extremely useful in situations that require maximum stealth. If someone spots your streaming device, pressing the kill button will force both devices to exit to the home screen. This assures that your streaming device will look innocent.

Just make sure you are quick about picking up your streaming device. We recommend walking into the room and saying something along the lines of “Oh I thought I left that in here. Thanks!” Then collect the iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch and quickly exit the room to review your recorded video.

Audio Streaming

Audio Streaming can be turned on and off with the switch at the bottom of the receiving screen. This can only be done while not actively streaming.

Depending on your i-device model and iOS, this may slow down streaming… considerably. We only recommend using the audio stream feature if you absolutely must. Audio will be saved automatically on the streaming device when you record, so you can always review it later.